Young Goddess Kim – Sinister Seduction

you are well aware that I am a spy sent to seduce you and steal your fortunes. But I am the only one that knows the secret to your demise… u find Me laying on your couch in sheer black pantyhose and PVC jacket with nothing underneath, cigarette burning in My manicured hand. It may come as a surprise but I am here to confess. Sensually smoking as I speak. After hearing what I have to say, I notice you’re quite tense. Relax. Here – join Me and have a cigarette with Me. I take another cigarette out for Myself, and one for you too. I light yours up. Now take a nice deep inhale with Me. That’s better. Smoke with Me. your cock stiffens. Go on and stroke it as I blow My sexy Smoke on it. Stroke and Smoke. The idiots that hired Me only want your money. I want so much more….Not only do I want your entire life’s savings, I want your life. you start to feel strange. A panic comes over you as I tell you I laced your cigarette, but there’s nothing u can do about it. your whole body is becoming as stiff as your cock. you can’t move. I enjoy watching your face turn white as I continue smoking and laughing at u. your helpless cock is going to cum any second, take in one more deep inhale…It will be your last!

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