Young Goddess Kim – Office Desk ashtray

you thought it would just be a fun, kinky experience when I made you get on your knees at My feet below the desk and use you for the afternoon as My slave. your fetish for My Smoke in My sexy tight office outfits make you dangerously weak and susceptible to My sadistic desires. Now you are in chains with no chance of escaping, haha – you will never see the light of day again! I intend on using you up as My ashtray, filling you with all My ash and Smoke until I discard you. I have just walked back in from a meeting and light up My cigar, coercing you to stick your tongue out and filling it with My cigar ash. Once your ashtray mouth is filled, I take a picture of your humiliated little pathetic ashtray face and remind you that you are not going anywhere. you have to stay chained to the desk and inhale My Smoke until you choke on it with tearing pleading eyes. Haha this is your lunch, slave – its a privilege to chew and swallow My smoked cigar – you will learn to enjoy it with the help of My crop. If you are lucky I’ll let you lick the remains of My crushed cigarettes off My sole.

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