Young Goddess Kim – E-stim Treatment No Escape

I Adored The Ultimatum along with Also The Glove Job Cruel Tease. I’d to find a femdom POV Clip in that you wear tight tight black latex hugs your beautiful thighs, buttocks and arse. Leggings maybe united with some fitting black latex shirt or corset and maybe long gloves. It starts with you walking in to the space or in my perspective at which I am sitting and controlled, completely immobilized on a distinctive bondage seat. The electrodes via an enhanced level electro stimulation apparatus are linked to some sensitive parts: penis, prostate and balls. Helplessly I must feel the way the Electro-Works on mepersonally, teasing and torturing my sensitive components. My erection waving helplessly commanded with the electro, my prostate pulsating & overtraining, my balls damaging. You tell me I must experience this treatment, escape and it can make me addicted for you every instant. That you’re in charge of my man components & soon end up in charge of my mind from today on. There’ll soon be several treatments for this to follow along. You let me believe that the electro focusing on me personally. And warn me I unintentionally cum will destroy of my own potency. I not eliminate cum and control because that may possibly render me completely off in the end of the sessions you are thinking about for mepersonally. Throughout the stink and talking you’re displaying your notably thighs, arse and crotch that I will never have to the touch base. In the long run you go from this room or outside of the sight leaving me into this electro, telling me you may for me down the road. Customized Clip Feedback: Thanks you Goddess Kim, the video is magnificent and you’re so amazing. I wanted that u could really do Torment! You’re only divine.

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