Worship Jasmine – I Could Ruin You

Isn’t is so very true. With the hold I have over you there is nothing I am not capable of. My pussy rules your mind, my sweet voice hypnotises you. Hanging onto my every word in complete submission you are nothing but a little play thing to me. At my disposal I could really have some fun with you. The thought of being ruined should fill you with fear but so heightened with lust and horniness it just makes you rage with excitement. With every tousle of my long hair, with every shiny curve glisten in my body you are weakened, you want to be ruined and nothing else matters, just what I want.

You know I don’t care about you, that you mean nothing but being a ‘nobody’ that irrelevance fills you with loser fuel and you must act up to your status. You beg to send me all your money, you desperately crave to be home wrecked, humiliated anything for my authoritative attention. Being ruined is just something of a dream and you must ensure this dream becomes reality. You know you cannot think straight as I torment youdeeper, you know you must look away, turn your computer off and not give in but do you? huh. Or do you sit there drooling with a hard cock, stroking and beg to be ruined, to enter the world of true Femdom.

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