Worship Jasmine – Hit And Pay

I know with every single fucked up hit of that bottle you are nothing but a mere weakling for me. I can do whatever the hell I want and today I not only want to int0x you to the next level, I want your cash coming my pretty way.

This really is a pretty damn intense session. Your Nitrates will be needed, your credit card and yourself ready to be completely fucked up. This session pushes you, with every hit of that bottle increasing so does the tribute. You will be in a horny glaze, int0xed to the max and I will ensure your feet won’t even touch the floor. You will taken to another planet and I will be mentally, physically and financially ruining you just as I please. It’s simple, you follow my instructions right to the very end, that is, if you make it the end. Seventeen minutes of pure Int0x and the last hit will be the biggest hit of those Akyl Nitrates in your life. I guide you every step of the way so there is no way of falling off this ride. Hit that bottle and press like a bitch. You want to stroke right, then you earn

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