Violet Doll – JOI for Batman

“After successfully robbing a bank and getting away from the police you make it back to your penthouse. Surprisingly, one man wasn’t out to stop you tonight, you hack Batman’s computer, knowing he’s in his batcave, waiting for you. You tell him you’re pleased that he obeyed you in not stopping you from stealing. But how could he ever disobey?! A strong, attractive woman dripping with sex appeal and dresses in….SKIN. TIGHT. RUBBER. Batman’s weakness, he could never resist you seeing your curves outlined in the sinfully tight and shiny latex, it’s more exciting than nude, the way the rubber clings to your body, screams for attention, the way it shines and the light dances across the slick surface of your catsuit. You love how aroused Batman is for you, and what does his arousal mean? Weakness, letting you do whatever you want. He needs a bad girl in his life, a real woman like you who knows what he needs. You tease him and tell him to jack off to you, to your big tits, to your luscious rubber clad ass. What would he give to taste that perfect rubber ass, to have that slick latex rubbing against his throbbing dick until he came all over your bubbly butt.You moan and beg him to cum for you as you move around sensually on your bed. After, you promise him he’ll be seeing a lot more of you as long as he continues being a good boy”

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