Tsarina Baltic – Perfect Ass Sniffing

Stuff your face between my perfect ass cheeks, sniff every perfect scent of mine, my sweat, my ass cheeks, my shiny bodysuit and so much poppers! I’ve seen you lookjng at my perfect ass, you know this ass can break a man,right? But this only proves my ass is the best to worship, so much endless worship, ravishing in perfection, luxury and goddess juice. Just look at those round plumping cheeks, each time, my ass gets bigger and bigger gaining more and more depth just to make it nearly impossible for any man to function properly in my presence, you’re not fooling me, you wish to be my ass sniffer, bury your face deep down there, stroke to my ass, kiss it, lick it,rub your face in it, have me hammer your face into the ground with it, poor poor dumb assholic… Your addiction will roll even deeper now, perfect! Stroke harder loser, stroke more, make your cock ache for me, get dizzy,loopy for it, each shake, each cock throb is another step closer to utter perverse destruction…

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