The Mean Girls – Zombie Slaves

We have plans for you. We know you have been watching Our videos and fantasizing about being in them. And WE want to USE you in Our videos to make more $$$ for US! And the KEY to making more $ is causing more PAIN to the slaves! So here is what We are going to do with you…

We have developed a serum that we can injectt into you and it wil turn you basically into a zombie. A perfectly obedient, submissive zombie. And like all zombies, you will be UNABLE TO DYE- NO MATTER WHAT WE DO TO YOU!!! You will be the PERFECT video slave!!

So download this video and We will tell you all about how Goddess Nina will keep you chained up in her basement and all of the TERRIBLE things you will have to endure to feed Our GREED and sadistic lust!! And no matter WHAT We do to you you won’t be able to dye!! (And We actually think its funny so you will hear us giggle as We talk about how you would suffer for Us…)

WARNING: We talk about doing some REALLY graphic stuff to you as Our “zombie slave”. Like really, REALLY grotesque, cruel things. So do not download unless you want to hear what We would do to a slave that couldn’t dye..

MP4 * 86.2 MB * 00:10:53 * 1440×1080


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