Susan Wayland – Latex Beach-Volleyball

Perhaps some of you can remember this cute and sexy little monokini? I remember vividly how steamy and hot I felt while wearing that little neon green latex beauty. The color was so smashing that when wearing it all eyes were on me, no matter which beach I was on. On the other hand, maybe it was not just the monokini? 😉

Well, it so happened that on the day I wanted to take out my sweet little latex monokini from Savage Wear on another test run, I encountered a completely deserted beachfront. Come to think of it, it was so early I should have been surprised to find anybody there – you know me and my early morning walks, don’t you? Secretly eager to show off a bit, or a little bit more, I was somewhat disappointed that there were no leering eyes following my every move. I am so proud of my wonderful monokini, I wanted everybody to see it and enjoy how little it covered. Bottom line, though, I also did enjoy a few quiet moments, enjoying a peaceful stroll and the sunrise completely on my own.

So I decided not to loll around on my beach mat, but to take my volleyball with me and to exercise in the morning sun. I felt the latex gently caressing my otherwise bare body, moving like probing hands all over, exploring my secrets and toying with my waist and breasts, while I jumped, worked out and enjoyed the feeling how my muscles warmed up and worked. The sand trickled between my toes, the wind parted my red hair like a forlorn lover sworn to chastity but burning with desire and the morning sun kissed with her warm sunbeams my naked skin.

It came to be a truly wonderful morning, quiet and peaceful, allowing me to focus on the playful touch of the latex covering my tingling skin. Would it have been an equally great morning without my latex monokini? Who knows, but in any case you cannot complain about me drifting off into dreamland. I have to confess that this blazing latex monokini is truly enticing some wicked fantasies within my consciousness and well… was of course a great and sexy active sports outfit!

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