Princess Beverly – The Final Pain Pill

You`ve no idea what you are in for as you sit in the cage at MGM. I walk by you and taunt you with the evil plans I have for YOU… My newest slave n victim! I explain all the pain and humiliation that you are about to endure here and I even offer to enhance your experience. I give you a little pill, Haha! You swallow it obediently and then I tell you that it will make your skin crawl. The pain of the whips will be much more excruciating. Your balls will swell up and become easy targets for kicking with my boots! But then I tell you the best part… You have been selected to get the best pill I had… The one that will end your life! Yup, you better enjoy all the attention We give you as we beat you today because it will be the last thing you ever remember! Let’s get started slave!

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