Natasha’s Bedroom – Shiny Poppers Mindfuck

To say I’m going to mess with your mind is an understatement. I will get you fucked up today with every tool at my disposal. The bottle of amyl nitrate nestled into your nostril is just the beginning.
Before you even take the first hit, you are already high for me. Your eyes are fixed on my shiny, metallic bodysuit, which hugs my every curve so perfectly. My deep red lipstick melting your mind, my teasing words hardening that cock, and then the very first hit…
And then so many more big, deep sniffs out of that bottle.
Staring at shiny, stroking like a zombie, getting just as high as I demand. It’s incredible how each mind fucking element comes together and potentiates the others. It’s a total sensory overload that won’t be over until you are totally gone.

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