My Boots Are More Important To You Than She Is

Hey boot bitch. That’s right, that’s you, you know that. I will bet you just can’t keep your eyes off of my sexy boots, can you? You are fucking obsessed. And why wouldn’t you be? Look at these boots, they are so sexy. I know you want to worship them and lick them. You’d love to be underneath my boots where you belong. And you know that’s your place, you feel it, beneath me.

You are probably just a normal guy with a boot fetish, a normal guy with a normal life, with a normal wife who won’t wear sexy boots for you. And even if she`d, she wouldn’t look like me. You’re so pathetic for me. You’d trade in your ‘normal’ life, just to be under my boots, wouldn’t you? You’d trade in your little boring life and your little boring wife, just to worship my boots. I will bet you dream about that, trading it all in to be treated like the little boot bitch that u are. To be able to suck on the heels of my boots as you look up at me. You want that so badly.

I know you are jerking off to me in my sexy boots while your wife is away or in the next room. Wow you really are so pathetic for me. You’d risk it all, just to jerk to my boots. I’ll bet she’s wondering why you never try to have sex with her anymore. All your cum goes to me now, you`ve nothing left for her. She doesn’t know, does she? She doesn’t know that you are absolutely in love with my boots. This little bit of time that you spend worshiping my boots is more important to you than she is.

The life your living is fake, it’s not what you want to be doing. You crave to be under my boots. You need to be worshiping them, sucking on the heel n licking the soles. That’s the kind of life you need. You should just leave her now. You should just confess to her how obsessed you`re with me n my boots. You know that watching me in my boots will get you hotter than any woman ever could. I`m going to completely control your life n you want that. You wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now, would you?

This little fake life you are living is going to come to an end. You’re obsession isn’t going away, if anything I’d say it’s getting worse. My boots will eat away at your mind until you can’t take it anymore. You’ll be taking more and more time away from your little family just to satisfy your urges.

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