Miss Xi – Kick Under My Latex Covered Ass

“How much have you been dreaming about my ass?” Miss Xi asks her pathetic slave. “Every day, Princess” he replies, as she slowly lowers her ass to his face. He gasps with excitement, although she doesn’t sit down completely, but moves up n down in order to torment him 1st. Finally, she sits down n you faintly hear a mumbled ‘thank you’ from underneath her ass. She dr@pes her legs across his body n seals his mouth and nose with her skirt. As the slave kicks, he turns his head sideways and Miss XI nearly falls right off his face! She dismounts n slaps his face hard for being so careless. She sits forward on his face n reaches back to yank on his nipples. If you like armpits, you get some great views of her pits throughout this clip.

Miss Xi lifts her skirt and has the slave lick the sweat from her ass cheeks before she pulls it back down and sits on him again. This time she tells him she’s not going to get up and he really starts to thrash underneath her. She shows little concern, however, as she takes him to his limit before she sits back down on his chest n teases you with her beautiful, dainty feet, right in front of the camera. Once more, she tantalizingly pulls up her skirt, and this time she sits on him flesh to flesh, with her ass actually touching his face. Lucky bitch! She flips around and wraps her legs around his neck, to show how muscular and powerful they really are. The slave’s face turns red as he frantically kicks, eventually pawing at her legs with his hands. Rather than let loose, XI suggests that maybe she should just snap his neck with her legs instead.

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