Miss Untamed – Villainess Untamed Fucks Your Mind

Captured and no where to go. Villainess Untamed has an evil plan for her slaves she obtains. Leaving a special bottle of p.opp3rs beside you she demands you take a deep hit. Instructing you to hold it 5..4..3..2..1… Exhale. Feeling the fucking rush all over your body you become more enslaved to her. Her echoed words, sleek body and demands for you to stroke your slave cock have you fucked out of your mind. The more deep hits the more fucked you become. With the head rush and the pumping to your cock you have no choice but to obey her commands. Can you finish to the end or will you be too fucked out of your mind to finish at all? Watch and listen as I laugh and get off on obliterating your brain cells. Hahahahahaha!

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