Miss Raquel – Roper Virgin Loser Chronic Masturbator, Trapped In An Unending Cycle

You’re already horny, aren’t you? Already jerking that cock. You can’t help yourself when you see a hot girl. If you weren’t such a pussy and had the courage to talk to girls like me, then you wouldn’t be the little virgin loser that you are. Instead, you spend your time alone in your bedroom jerking off to girls like me. You’ve been doing this since you knew what masturbating was. As soon as you felt how good it felt to jerk your cock, you couldn’t get enough. And it never stopped, that urge to jerk to hot girls. You turned into a mindless dick stroker. You never took that next step towards fucking women, the real reason you have a cock. You just couldn’t stop jerking, you never got past that stage.And now all you want to do is edge, isn’t that right little virgin? You’re a virgin because you’re a chronic masturbator, and you even jerk off to that fact. You don’t want to go out to bars or parties to pick up girls, you just want to stay at home and jerk off to the fact that you’re a virgin. It’s an unending cycle that you’re trapped in that will keep you a virgin forever.You just love to jerk on that virgin cock watching all sorts of humiliating porn. You are a chronic masturbator, stuck at home alone, and losers like that never get laid. You are a loser virgin who would rather stay at home and pump his cock than even attempt to go out on a date. It’s really sad and pathetic. The reason you’re still holding on to your virginity is because you’re still holding onto your cock. You’re a hopeless virgin because you’re a mindless dick stroker.You’re so lost in your dick stroking that you’ve lost the will to even attempt to have sex. Your head is so fucked that you know you couldn’t even get it up to have sex, not unless she was humiliating you. You know you can’t get hard any other way. This addiction has totally closed you off to being anything of use to a woman. You’re so fucked. Women turn you on so much but yet you can’t and won’t ever fuck one. You will remain a virgin for the rest of your days, there’s no hope for you…

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