Miss Noel Knight – WIFE FINDS OUT

You have the afternoon to yourself and you’ve decided to indulge in a little kinky play time. You get yourself all trussed up in bondage, enjoying the feel of the restraints and loss of control. Unfortunately, your wife comes home early from her lunch with the girls. At first I am shocked to find my husband engaged in such perverted activity, but quickly find that I’m enjoying your helplessness. I rifle through your toys, contemplating all of things I could do with them before leaving you on your own for several long minutes. When I come back, I am decked out from head to toe in sexy leather and tall boots. I am your ultimate fantasy brought to life. I refuse to release you, shoving a gag in your mouth instead. From now on, I’ll be in charge of our household, darling. Let me tell you how this is going to work….

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