Miss Noel Knight – Trash Baby

I operate a slave acquisitions company. We specialize in selling ABDL slave to men and women who would like to own their own adult baby. I have an excellent reputation and am a very powerful woman. So when you are sent back by your mummy as defective, I have to make an example out of you. I can’t rehome a bad baby like you. I’ll have to get rid of you like the piece of garbage you are. I explain in detail how I’m going to end your pathetic little life by wrapping you in a trash bag, leaving you to rot for days in a dumpster. Finally, you’ll be picked up by a trash crew that knows how to deal with human waste. You’ll be crushed in the compactor with on one around to hear your screams. I diaper you one last time, close up the garbage bag and drag you off to the curb. This is a custom video that turned out so well, I decided to share!

MP4 * 1.22 GB * 00:20:09 * 1920×1080


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