Miss London Lix – Monopolized The Market

Do u have any clue just how fucked you are? Perhaps. If you are watching a clip like this, your addiction has probably had a grip on you for quite a while now. But I think every once in a while u think to yourself…I’m done with this, I’m ready to break free & live a normal life now. Tough luck, bitch. You are not going anywhere. There’s a reason I have such a powerful hold over you and it is really very simple. I monopolized the market of your addiction. I am your d.rug, your dealer, and your antidote. It is not like u can shun your dealer & then be free of the d.rug, because we are one and the same. It is not like you can go and get help from a friend, because they know nothing of this little predicament you got yourself into that I understand oh so well. So what is there left 2 do? Better jerk it as I tell u, addict.

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