Mina Thorne – Mesmerized Erotica: Latex Obsession

It is no secret that I have an ability to make your mind melt with my powerful trance techniques. My inductions take you deeper and deeper into your psyche, your mind releases itself to me, yearning to feel my control. My sensual mental domination techniques easily take control and mold you into whatever I desire. In my tight black latex dress, I become even more irresistible. Deep inside you feel a new fascination forming. Watching my hands glide across my skin tight rubber you are even more entranced as you feel your heart begin to beat your cock begin to stiffen. It’s impossible to resist me in my latex, and soon you find yourself craving more. Simply the word “latex” triggers something deep inside u. By time I’m done with your hungry mind and you spill your worship puddle at my feet, you will never be able to get the thought of me in my sensual latex out of your mind!

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