Madam Violet – Brain Fucked Hipn0 Bitch

Roll up My hipn0-sluts! I have 35 minutes of brain-fucking, heart- breaking, dick-twitching Femdom hipn0sis for you… If you were to have a live mesmerize -session with Me there would be no handy run through of what’s to come before we start. And apart from the obvious limits you would have no say and no real idea of what was to come. You would be at My mercy. And apart from the fact you would NEVER get to see My tits live (or two of Me), this is exactly like that…. A powerfully woven blend of induction and deepeners – conversational, confusion, eye fixation, breath control, finger snaps I will wear your mind like a fucking glove and achieve My objective with aplomb. And that’s all I am going to tell you. But know slave that once you are My hipn0tic hostage I will play with not only My PERFECT naked breasts but with YOU exactly *I* chose, how *I* want, and you will OBEY, because it’s just no fun otherwise. I loved filming this imagining you helplessly obeying, it really turned Me on….so CUM and play slave, PROVE yourself worthy of Me by surrendering all control, be My GOOD little brain-fucked hipn0-bitch : ) Contains: Me, deep hipn0sis, female domination and whatever else I want…

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