Lizz La Reign – Resistant to blackmail

Oh boy, oh boy……Blackmail (Fantasy)! No other word makes you feel this way, its so thrilling, so tempting, so dangerous! Even now your body is feeling that loss of control, a rush is flooding your veins and suddenly your little something you call a “dick” is rock hard hahahaha! Right now your mind is wondering what it is like, what Blackmail (Fantasy) would feel like, what it will do to you. Can you do it boy? Could you? Would you give up control to another? Are you brave enough, are you man enough to take that step? Or like I suspect, are you just a pathetic wanking loser, not even brave enough to do his own fantasy, Blackmail (Fantasy)! Not even when I offer a tamed down version, just for you!?

MP4 * 234 MB * 00:07:08 * 1920×1080


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