Latex Barbie – Denied by Little Black Dress

You know how they say, that every girl needs a little black dress? Well, of course mine is shiny and oh so juicy looking. The way it looks wrapped around My curves, almost liquid, is enough to make that dick twitch, isn’t it? Hmm… I wonder if you can get hard, just by staring, and without even touching your cock? Go ahead and get nice and horny, wishing for a glimpse of My perky tits popping out of the deep neckline… but guess what? No orgasm for you. You’re denied, loser. You can get hard, and edge all you want, but no cum privileges for you. From now on, you are going to have to work for it. And if I hear you complaining? Well, that’s what gags are for! You find yourself frustrated, but obeying, because you can’t resist My charm, beauty and power in this exquisite little black dress.

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