Lady Nina Leigh – I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE

Its time to show me who really is the special one in your life. ME. not her loser! that woman of yours is getting in the way isnt she, our give take relationship doesnt have time for that ugly woman of yours. me as your owner will have all your time, money, effort, mind body and soul, which leaves no time for relationships out of your ownership to me. time to show me who you really love. whos really the special one in your life. who really turns you on. knows how to work your buttons and get your dick hard. its obviously me. eveytime shes not around you crawl to me to serve and when shes gone it will enable you to serve me exactly how i expect you to. that ugly hag is in the way and you must leave her. she will never understand your brain, she will always be too nice and boring for you, ultimately i am everything you need loser..and more! im hot, im dominant, im young, im demanding and this is your one chance in life to be 100% owned by me with zero distractions… now do as you are told and get rid of your woman so you can dedicate your whole life to ME.

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