Lady Fyre – Your last heist

You’ve just pulled off the biggest heist of your career as a thief, so you & your partner splurged on a nice hotel room. She’s so happy about how much money you’re going to make fencing all those jewels that she’s turned on. Watching her in that banging catsuit has made your throat dry with excitement, and she gets u a drink of water. She starts getting hornier and tells you that even though you’re not her type, she wants to fuck. She orders you to get on the bed. She unzips her catsuit & starts riding you reverse cowgirl then cowgirl.

You can’t believe you are this lucky. She’s amazing. Your heart is racing so fast…. faster… until you feel like something is wrong. “Your chest hurts? Do you want me to keep going?” she asks. Of course you want her to keep going. But then she explains that she put something in your drink & that must be what’s speeding up your heart.

She reminds you of the obvious: she can have any man she wants, and you actually believed she would choose to have sex with you. She’s an intelligent woman, and she’s not going to share the money with you. She keeps riding as she explains that you’re going to have a heart attack when you orgasm. “Cum for me. Just let go. It’s okay; not everyone can be smart.” You wonder if she’s telling the truth, but your chest hurts more & more. You feel so stupid for falling for her, but she feels so good on top of you, and you let her continue to ride. She’s obviously getting off on knowing your end is near & she’s the one bringing it about. To add insult to injury, she decides to also smother u with a pillow, just to make sure she finishes the job. The last thing you ever see if her gorgeous red lips peeking over the pillow as she lifts it to your face. “I’m going to enjoy spending every last cent. Nighty night.”

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