Kelle Martina – The Clinic

Welcome again to THE CLINIC. A place where filthy boys like you get their holes filled and used. I will shove this unyeilding steel ring gag in your mouth, which will hold it wide open. For what, you ask? Cum is my favorite thing to place in your propped open mouth. You have no choice but to taste it, savor it, and swallow, if you can.

Next is your ass. Ice cold water rushes into your guts, filling your insides. I am going to be cleaning you out. But for now you hold the feeling. Hold that water inside your ass. To extract your semen, I find the manual way the best. As I wrap my soft fingers around your cock and stroke, you know that this is not about your pleasure. It’s simply to endure the humiliation of me rubbing your jism into your propped open mouth.

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