Hannah Perez – bound catsuit pump gag over knee boots

Brunette Goddess Mistress Perez gets caught off guard and the tables are quickly turned on her! She thought she was in for a routine session but to her surprise..it was a TRAP! The Mistress is taken into captivity…tight white ropes bind her so tight and her skintight PVC catsuit shows off her fantastic figure! Mistress Perez is completely silenced…a heavy leather pump gag headharness keeps her from protesting her torment! This sexy Mistress is quickly realizing that turnabout is fair play! In Part-2, Mistress Perez is introduced to what captivity and submission is all about….her sexy booted ankles are tightly bound together..then her leather gloved arms are cruelly bound tightly together behind her back…all ONSCREEN! Mistress Perez has not experienced this side of domination before…her mind is swimming with thoughts of helplessness and humiliation…she is wondering how easily it was for her to fall into her cruel captors bondage trap!

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