Goddess Siren Thorn – Desperate, owned coerced-bi bitch

From a custom video… BDSM instruction style. You – my slave – have been denied of orgasm for almost two weeks now. You have not even been able to touch yourself because your cock has been locked up in a chastity device… for my cruel pleasure and your torment. Before you were locked up, I coerced you to get very close to orgasm, & then pull your hand away… leaving your cock dripping and your balls aching…

longing for release. Finally, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Is your gorgeous Asian Goddess going to allow you to cum? First, I’m going to have some fun with u. Just how far are you willing to go for the chance to cum? I have you wrap rubber bands around your aching, full, blue balls… then I have you put clothespins all over them and drip hot wax on them. I love seeing you suffer for me. You’ve confided in me how you are willing to be with other guys if it pleases me. I’m delighted by the fact that you are willing to be a cock slut for my pleasure. So I have you train yourself by fucking your ass with your fingers and coercing you to suck on a cock-shaped object. I tell you all about the nasty things I want you doing for me in the future, like being my gang bang sissy… coerced to suck and fuck whatever cock I want. I love the thought of turning a mostly straight guy into my coerced-bi puppet. I instruct you 2 take off your cock cage and stroke your desperate cock to my specifications. Slap those aching blue balls, squeeze them… and keep stroking exactly the way I tell you to stroke. I count to 10 and tell you to cum for me… just as u begin to cum, I order you to pull your hand away, and your frustrated, desperate cock twitches and drips from the ruined orgasm. Get used to being uncomfortable, frustrated, humiliated and powerless… coerced to withhold your own pleasure and release. coerced to do the dirtiest things that you would never have dreamed of doing. This is what it feels like to be my owned bitch.

MP4 * 1.20 GB * 00:22:16 * 1920×1080


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