Goddess Rodea – Virtual Nut Bashing

We need to have a Superhero to Sidekick chat. In order to save the world you have to stand there while I destroy your testicles. Your sperm has been infected by the loseritis disease and must be eliminated before it spreads to the planet. Don’t worry… you are just a sidekick and your sperm is unwanted anyway, haha.Aren’t you glad it’s me that is kicking your balls in?? I know you have a crush on me and this is the only way I will ever remotely touch your balls. Haha, pucker up and tell me you love me when I kick you, haha. Not only will you never have me but no one will want you.I think this is so funny, I am actually dragging this out and making it more painful for you because it is going to make such a funny story to tell all the other super friends! Haha. In fact, I am going to invite them all over to a “Kick my sidekick” party, haha. We can all take turns laughing at you while we kick your nuts into oblivion.By the way…I could have easily destroyed your nuts with one kick but I want to toy with you and then cut your balls off with these scissors . I want your smashed ball hanging in the hall of heroes for Everyone to laugh at.

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