Goddess Nikki – beta bitch Becomes A Cocksucker

I learned something about you last night. I gave you the opportunity to watch Me take a big cock. I noticed that rather than getting off on Me getting off, you were fixated on the big beautiful cock that was doing the fucking. That cock was so superior to yours. It was clear to Me that, at that moment, you wanted to taste that big cock. you have yourself a big cock fetish. In the deepest darkest parts of your mind you have always known it. And no, it doesn’t make you gay; but, you know that you wanted to suck that delicious dick. That might make you a bit bi, maybe, but it definitely makes you a cocksucker. No more pussy for you beta bitch. I want you to be the best cocksucker around and since you clearly love big beautiful black cocks… I’m wearing Mine today, just for you. Worship it, lick it, suck it just like you will a real one. Practice makes perfect and you want to be the perfect, beta bitch, cocksucker, starting right now.

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