Goddess Madam Violet – Succumb to the Succubus

THE Topless POV fuck of your lifetime! & your past: )you wake to the sound of one’s own pulse, or you thought you’re awake and soon you find that the Woman. Before your mind has a opportunity to enroll, she’s sitting in your own thighs and telling you how to Ssshhhhhh, you are still fast asleep, and this is just a fantasy. She cried slowly, youre likely to think this lady amazing Woman says to, just how do she be actual? However, you may feel Her weight onto the own entire body, and you swear you’ll feel {}of Her PUSSY throughout the bed linens all of the solution into a {}. She whispers sweet words that will make your balls pain she moves her body way that makes the brain MELT. She intimidates you with a grin as she says each KISS out of Her lips could create the human own body weightier, plus so they perform, youre human body will be so on immobileand you cant move in any way. Therefore heavy POWERLESS. She sees with the FEAR on your mind She intimidates you When My sexy, wet, tight pussy slides your hard working out dick, ALL immunity ALL panic will VANISHyou will release, & Give. The pleasure will soon probably simply take control. Without knowing exactly why or how, you know that you desire this, you want this to come about. And after that you might be now being taken DEEP interior Her, it’s still true that you cant proceed, you may just put there and scream in bliss within the shadow of mind as She rebounds and WRITHES all on your hard cock. Im {}to fuck every last drop of cum out of you personally, will keep fucking un with youve cum, will empty your balls of CUM as well as the own body of {}observe that you’re not fearful, perhaps maybe not enoughyou couldnt prevent Her {}u wanted to, and you don’t have any thoughts, only that PLEASURE, only those ideal breasts in mind along with Her pussy gripping and pulsing around you dickyou desire to cum,” She says She is able to really feel youre closeand finally, because She lets one to orgasm,” She fucks you tougher, sucking every drop if lifeforce in the you give him, only Allow go. She cums. Because the light slowly leaves your eyes as well as your own body bucks under Your power, you joy, your own lifetime becoming HERS.

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