Goddess Kyaa – Purging The Unworthy

Have you ever begged to be my slave for life, to serve and be abused by me in person? Do you want to know if you have what it takes to live as my owned object?
Click and pay, download this exquisite video to discover if you are one of the unworthy who must be purged from the long list of prospective real-time slaves that desire a life under my total control. This is a sadistic and brutally honest reality check. Prepare to have your dick throb and your heart race while the Goddess you worship culls the herd.
My skin tight black latex catsuit was a sublime choice of fetish wear for this intense video which will inspire devotion, terror, or both in any male who dares to view it. The fact that I look so dangerously seductive will only weaken you further and motivate you to become a better potential servant.

MP4 * 345 MB * 00:05:48 * 1920×1080


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