Goddess Jessi Belle – Weekend in the Closet 2

Last year we did a weekend of reflection video where you sat in your closet and thought about all of the things about yourself that sucks, you watched my videos and listened to my words. Let’s do that again! Get a pen and a piece of paper and write these items down. You will need these items: a can opener, canned food that will NOT need to be heated up, a BIG bucket, toilet paper, bottled water, a charger for your phone/tablet/laptop, one of those items so you can binge watch my videos, a huge catalog of my videos, headphones, ear plugs, piece of paper and pen (to be used in the closet). You are going to use this weekend to think about all of the ways that your weekend sucks. You are going to sit in your closet and think about all of these things. Once that door is closed you will not leave until your weekend is over. You will not talk to anyone. You will not do anything besides watch my videos.

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