Goddess Harley – Slaughter Pigg Slaves

Ever wonder what happens to slaves that disappoint us at Mean Girl Manor? It’s a deep, dark secret that there are places in the Mean Girl Manor that most slaves dont have the guts to go into. Its a debauched place that bad slaves are forced to crawl into- and ever come back. We Mean Girls don’t give a fuck about losers that that cant simply do whatever we command, so we find others uses for them. You’ll be like a pig led to the slaughter- and I don’t mean pay pig. Don’t worry too muchwe have ways to make you fit our unique taste in men. It wont hurt for very longin fact, soon you wont feel a thing LOL. There truly is no greater power trip than literally cooking up and EATING the flesh of a slave that a few hours ago dared 2 disobey u

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