Goddess Alexandra Snow – Trance Slavery Part 3: Pleasure

This is the third part of a 5-part slavery series. Each week, I will release a new part of the series. You are instructed to watch each video once per day to condition yourself until the next lesson. This video series uses triggers so you MUST use the FIRST video and play them in order.

Ultimate Arousal is designed to take you further into my complete control. As a male, you are easily controlled through your arousal and I intend to train you to become so completely aroused that you are helpless to resist my instructions. Instead of a progressive induction, I use your trigger with multi-level deepeners to gain access to your mind and there go to work on your pleasure center. You will experience a deep, white hot arousal like no other – your cock will be swollen and stiff like it’s never been before. The more you listen, the more you watch, the harder it becomes and the more submissive you feel. Yo

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