Goddess Alexandra Snow – Thirst

You really weren’t thinking were u? You took one look at my beautiful body clad in latex & u were hooked. It didn’t seem surprising 2 you that a beautiful woman way out of your league was clamoring 2 pick you up and take u home? It didn’t seem suspicious? Unlucky for you I am not like any other woman you have ever met. One look into my eyes and you are paralyzed. As the warmth rushes 2 your cock you can see the hunger in my eyes. You’re aroused but u cannot move. Once I reveal my sharp canines, the truth becomes all too clear. Your heart is beating rapidly like music to my ears as both your fear and arousal are peaking. I’m so hungry. I can’t wait 2 taste you. I can’t wait to steal your warmth 4 my own. You look so delicious and frightened. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure your last moments r pleasurable.

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