Goddess Alexandra Snow – The Inflating Room

Well this is a rather unfortunate situation for you. You were having a nice night, just having a few drinks at the bar at the guys. You must have had too much to drink because you became dizzy and disoriented. Your friends called you a cab and you remember sloppily falling into it to get home. The last thing you remembered before passing out was that the cab driver looked stunningly beautiful…. When you awoke you couldn’t move your arms or your legs. Every attempt at jerking yourself free of your bonds only brought about this slick rubbery noise. Moving your head as little as you could, you determined you were trapped in a room made entirely of rubber! The thick material pressed against your body immobilizing you. Looking forward you saw her- the cab driver! She reveals she kidnapped you and locked you up in her inflating room. You see, she has a fetish for watching the breath drained out of a man until he expires. She loves to hold her breasts up against your mouth as the room presses in and you’re unable to breathe. Ending men is her fetish, and tonight you’re her little sex toy.

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