Goddess Alexandra Snow – Dog Slave

You want to be my slave, do you? Well unfortunately for you, I don’t have room for any more human slaves. I’m all full up. I do have room for a puppy though. So if you want to be my slave, that’s what you’re going to have to be. You’re going to be my little dog. You’re going to spend your days eating out of a bowl, chewing on chew toys, walking on a leash, and sleeping in a kennel. You won’t get to touch your little cock or hump anything. If you get too rowdy, I’ll just have you fixed and calm you right down. Your voice will be gone and all you’ll have are little barking and whimpering noises. But, oh what a life. You’d get to spend your evening sleeping at my feet and being played with at my pleasure. Doesn’t that sound fun?

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