Glam Worship – Lucy – It Never Ends

You r becoming a bit of a jerk addict. You need me here to tell you exactly what 2 do. You cant get off otherwise. Its so fun to tease and humiliate you. I love it, I love making you my little bitch. I am going to push you to your limits right now. I want u to jerk, jerk and jerk for me. I want you ready to do anything I tell you from punching yourself in the balls 2 eating your own cum. I love how addicted you get for me; each session it gets worse. You cant help yourself. Your addicted to everything about my kind and demanding voice, these perfect round tits, huge ass, long slender legs, alluring eyes and beautiful smile. I want u to degrade yourself like no other for me. I want you to think about eating that cum 4 me and shove a finger up that ass of yours! Do it bitch! Thats it, rim that ass for me and slide it in. Jerk that cock and fuck that ass 4 me. Get ready 2 become the ultimate bitch for me. Get a glass and get ready. Thats it bitch, cum for me jerk addict! Good now drink up every single drop for me!

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