Ezada Sinn – You Need A Clean Mouth To Worship My Worn Panties

I know you long to smell and taste My most intimate parts, but a pathetic male as you will never get close to Me in that way. you are only worthy of licking and sucking My used panties, which by now are full of My strong aromas and nectars. But you can’t worship even My worn panties with your mouth as dirty as it is, so I’m going to clean it using only My spit. A Domina kiss is the one thing you are worthy of receiving from My lips, so open you mouth and beg me for My saliva, slave. That vile tongue of yours must be cleaned in order for You to even get close My panties. Tell Me how much You love My spit, beg for it; I can see that you are getting aroused by consuming it. That is your place: on your knees, mouth open wide and ready to accept anything that comes out of My body. Only then will you be allowed to kiss and worship My juiced panties.

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