British Bratz – Princess Felicity – Inhale For Flick

Princess Felicity wants to push u deep into submission, intoxicating your mind with high & her HOT, TIGHT POWERFUL body. You’ll abide by her rules, follow her every command, inhale & stroke on instruction. Encouraging u to enter sub space further. Toying with your weak mind and exploiting your loser senses.Grab your bottle of (Alkyl Nitrates) & prepare yourself for the ultimate control and seduction. You r already a weak willed loser when in my presence but along with the Nitrates making your head fuzzy you’ll enter new levels of submission. I’m going 2 overpower your mind, breaking u down with each inhale. I will edge u into intoxication. Intoxicating your mind with PRINCES Felicity & deepening your levels of submission.

Felicity will train u physically and mentally via those nitrates. Slowly increasing session after session before eventually u pass out. Testing your limits & endurance. I will take u to a heightened state of euphoria.

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