British Bratz – Please Do Not Reproduce

If you manage to get the opportunity to pull your trousers down and get that lowly dick anywhere near a women’s vagina then please do NOT. Even the thought of you reproducing sends shivers of fear down my spine. Can you imagine the world with even more tiny dicked, weak losers like you. It would be a tragedy. I highly doubt you would manage to even wrangle the chance of getting your willy wet but the thought of your useless semen reproducing is just a huge mistake. You should never have sex, you should just stick to what you’re good at and hump your hand and leave that pointless spunk in your tissue.

You should never be allowed to reproduce, having one of you is enough but the thought of you multiplying is just horrendous. Every time you cum you dispose of that worthless sperm and you do everyone on this planet a favour and never reproduce.

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