Batgirl in “Double-Trapped!”

Our sexy and spunky little heroine Batgirl is at it again! This sexy do-gooder wanders into trouble once again! But this time she gets into a double trap! Batgirl is set free in Catwoman’s lair…seems like Catwoman likes to play Cat and Bat! Batgirl is quickly re-captured by Catwoman and one of her henchmen! She is tied up and left to struggle while Catwoman taunts and mocks her! Later, Catwoman emerges from her basement lair with Batgirl in tow….The arrogant and cruel Catwoman XXXX poor Batgirl into tight bondage and a huge red ballgag! WOW! Finally Catwoman has Batgirl right where she wants her! Slowly Catwoman applies her tight ropes to Batgirl….still mocking and taunting her…Batgirl is helpless in her clutches! All she can do is suffer for Catwoman…she is finally roped up into a tight hogtie and left to struggle and suffer under the control of Catwoman! Will Batgirl escape? Maybe its just all a game for Catwoman! What other evil plans does she have in store for Batgirl??? Stay tuned!

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