You are nothing but fresh meat to Sydney. And you know what happens to fresh meat right? Well you’re about to find out. When she walks in wearing an amazing outfit, you are mesmerized. Sydney will take her time with you and she will enjoy it. First step is you’ll be put in shackles. Not much you can do about it really. In this prison, it’s not the other inmates who will fuck you in the ass, it is Sydney herself. Your feet get wrapped in chains. Even if you wanted to escape, there is no way you’d be able to get anywhere. Not that you want to, you are actually starting to enjoy this experience. No place you had rather be than in the full attention of Sydney. After your legs, it is time to put on your new collar. Every one of Sydney’s slaves has one of these silver collars. You wear it proud. And to top it all off, hand cuffs. There, you won’t be going anywhere soon.

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