Amazon Goddess Harley – Makes You A Sissie

Hey where do you think you’re going?? You need my permission to come over here! Dont forget I’m waaay bigger then you. I can bully you into doing anything I want. Hmmmso guess what? Ive decided that I’m going to make you into my sissy bitch! Just because I CAN. Haha. And I’m forcing you wear this chastity device too. You are NOT allowed to cum anymore, little man. Oh and did I mention you’ll have to wear womens panties 24/7 from now on too? Don’t fight me on it, bitch. Ill do it by physical force if you even try to resist me. Soon Ill be making you wear dresses and makeup all the time too. I bet I can even make you suck cock for me lol. Youre probably a little faggot that likes it though, so I wont even have 2 push u too hard

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